Live Foto Godslave On Stage

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As usual, we chose to act instead of REact - hands on the wheel, full force forward!

No one knows what this year will bring, but rest assured: you won't control anything if you don't begin moving your ass! We did and therefore start the new year with a brand-new homepage - a brand-new shop aaaaand a brand-new discount code for you to get 15% off of your order! :-)  

Use the code "WELCOME2021" till January 15th in our shop to get some new stuff to set a statement! As with our "100% FUCK YOU" shirt! 

2021 will be what you make out of it, and we have BIG plans  

So join us, let's stop complaining and take matters into our hands and make something out of what we got!!

2020 is done... THANK YOU ALL! 

This year taught us so much...

Let's say it showed us our image in the mirror and then crushed the freaking mirror over our heads :-) 

All what happened in 2020 (be it Corona or totally unrelated stuff) brought us to the brink of a breakup. But it was due and necessary!  

So thank you for that!

In consequence, we gathered the pieces and began to get ourselves together,  piece by piece. This process will continue in 2021 and will finally culminate in the release of our new album! 

GREAT news for you though: we already began to record a documentary in 2019 that changed its course drastically because of what happened in 2020. This documentary will be released with the album and will show you, as brutal and honest as it is, what happened and how the humans behind the instruments coped with it. 

We are looking forward to showing you all this! Thank you so much for the support. Without you, there wouldn't be GODSLAVE anymore! 

We say it often, but it's honestly how we feel: we love you! Have a good start into 2021!  (Pic by Klaus Bier)

Access All Areas - Show 2

Together with our friends from CRITICAL MESS, DAMANTION DEFACED & THE PROPHECY23!

Access All Areas - Show 1

No festivals, no shows… we live in a difficult time… So we thought: Let’s do something about it! Gather some cool bands and make a video show with material you have never seen before – just for the fun of it and for you to enjoy! On every September-Sunday you’ll get a new show! 🙂 It is all „Pay what you want“, you can give something to support the bands if you like the show:

Live Foto Godslave On Stage

What's crackin'?

Just wanted to check in to tell you how we miss all of you <3
Can’t wait to get back on stage – till then: preparing to record the new album 🙂 Cheer to all of you, stay healthy!