Manni (Guitar) - Bernie (Guitar) - Mika (Bass) - Thommy (Vocals) - Tobi (Drums)

What can you tell new about GODSLAVE after 13 years?

Well, for one thing, that the band nearly broke up in 2020!

Secondly, that the new album "Positive Aggressive", released in July, saved their asses.

What had happened? The year 2020 has held the mirror in front of the fiver and smashed it mercilessly over their skull. The complete process will be shown in their documentary "Positive aggressive and how it came to this..."

As the saying goes, "What doesn't kill us makes us stronger". In the case of GODSLAVE, that saying ends with "...makes us grow up!"

The positive attitude, for which the band has been known for years, has led to the fact that the fiver has survived 2020 at all. Where positive attitude used to mean not letting anything or anyone upset you, 2020 has become positive aggression and with it an irrepressible will to not only destroy what doesn't do you good, but to proactively build on it - from thinking positive to doing positive. 

One of these changes is the new collaboration with Metalville Records on the new album "Positive Aggressive".

GODSLAVE are stronger than ever and will prove it on the stages of this world as soon as possible. Nowhere else, the positive energy of the band jumps over better than at a sweaty, beery live show! 

Positive Aggressive - our focus on attack
Positive Aggressive - recreate out of the black
Positive Aggressive

Enough of the reading! Check out our different sites for more info and especially dates and locations where you can see us live!

RockHard Nr. 410, August 2021

"Smasher wie 'Positive Aggressive' oder 'How About No?' sollten das Herz von Overkill- und Kreator-Fans direkt höher schlagen lassen."
8/10 Points, 5th place Editor's charts

Metal Hammer August 2021

"In den besten Momenten wirkt POSITIVE AGGRESSIVE ebenso rasant wie episch."
5/7 Points, 9th place Editor's charts

Deaf Forever Nr. 43

"Die Saarländer Thrasher gehören zu jenen Bands, die sich von Platte zu Platte weiterentwickeln, dabei aber nie ihre musikalischen Wurzeln außer Acht lassen."
8,5/10 Points

"Auf GODSLAVE ist und bleibt Verlass. „Positive Aggressive“ ist eine von vorne bis hinten mitreißende Thrash-Schlachtplatte, mit der die Band ihr selbst gestecktes Ziel erreicht."
8/10 Points

"Man hört jeder Note an, dass da Herzblut drin steckt und die Jungs noch lange nicht satt sind. Hier gibt es Thrash Metal, welcher den Namen auch verdient, ohne dass man einfach nur draufkloppt, was das Zeug hält."
9/10 Points

"Aber  egal, ob hier nun eine 8,5 oder eine 9,0 steht, "Positive Aggressive" ist ein durchweg starkes Thrash-Album und gehört in eine gut sortierte Sammlung."
8,5/10 Points